Wine Sage Review


Cleveland has a new five-star restaurant that is was discovered yesterday on the way to Chagrin Falls for happy hour.  CRU Uncorked = WONDERFUL is a one-word description! Opened by the former CEO of Eaton, located off the beaten path away from the freeway exits, it is nestled at the corner of Som Center road and Chagrin Blvd, yet still close enough to 271/Chagrin exit for out-of-towners. This is our Cleveland's newsest five star restaurant, in my opinion. Sparing no expense and resembling a French chateau or high-end winery, the exterior is not just surface presentation, but an introduction to the delights to be found inside. We enjoyed glasses of Silver

I decided an overall summary of what I learned in Washington would be useful. Washington is known for apples.  Now that I’ve traversed the state tasting their wine, the apple profile is similar to the wine.  A ripe Red Delicious apple has sweetness with tart fruit taste, and so does the standard Washington wine. There’s a sweet-tart type of taste to all the wines. Like Oregon, the wines are very bright, acidic, and crisp. The fruit is underneath and rarely with fruit-forward intensity. Fruit flavors are commonly bright cherry, bright raspberry, or citrusy lime and lemon, pineapple and granny smith apples. I learned that the red profile is unique.  Cabernets from

Stonegait’s property was a horse farm and the current facility literally was a horse barn, so the “Gait” and other references are about horses.  In fact, one of their staff recalls boarding her horse at the property and now works there.  The place has gone a transformation from horse barn to large entertainment center.  The wines are all estate with the exception of imports from Yakima valley and Sierra foothill where they buy the grapes and process it themselves. We had the privilege to spend well over 1.5-2 hours with the owner and co-winemaker, Donna.  She and her spouse have been farming and making wine for decades and this

I took my computer expert who saved my computer and I owed a BIG FAVOR to The Standard Friday night 7/30/21. While they were crowded with a private event, we got there early, 5p.m. and enjoyed as fine a meal as we've ever had there. Furthermore, I love CAST wine, which they carry the Zin. Great wine paired with both the salmon and the lamb.I told my friend about the ginger Faroe Island Salmon and he was all set to have it until he saw "braised lamb shank' and chose that. He said it was amazing, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my salmon. I always have left-overs because