Arbios 2012 Sonoma California Cabernet

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Arbios 2012 Sonoma California Cabernet

I just love this wine. Imported into Ohio by Akron’s Bottle to Glass (B2G), this wine is unfortunately going out due to the winemakers retirement. We still have three to four cases of various years

Jammy and fruity vs intense tannin and acid, this cab is truly a Sonoma lighter drinking cab vs Napa cab, but I love it.

P paired it with a Cabernet of wine, brown sugar and butter, and five reduced Vidalia onions and fresh Rosemary. Rubbed fresh Rosemary onto the pork and then seared it, then put it in the oven to finish in a cast iron skillet. When done added it to the reduction to finish.

If you want any of this Arbios you better get it fast!

Arbios cab and pork
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