Beerheads in Avon Ohio

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Beerheads in Avon Ohio

Want to have unique beers on tap and unique Pizza, stop here at Beerheads in Avon, at the Lear nagle exit right across from the new Meijer.

I’ve become addicted to the banana bread beer, which literally does taste just like you’re having a wonderful banana bread dessert.

Combine that with our make our own pizza and the Sweet Carolina barbecue sauce as a base on an adapted Hawaiian pizza bacon and pineapple and add unique goat cheese twist versus regular cheese. It is an absolute delight to have this pizza.

combine that unique pizza with a unique beer and you have a experience you do not get at other drinking / dining places.

Give my combination to try; you won’t be disappointed.

Studying wine since the early 80's, I've become a Wine Studies Education level III solely though interest, and I occasionally represent an Italian importer, while working full-time as a financial national speaker. I'm always seeking a 'find' whether taste or value wine versions.

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