I just love this wine. Imported into Ohio by Akron's Bottle to Glass (B2G), this wine is unfortunately going out due to the winemakers retirement. We still have three to four cases of various years Jammy and fruity vs intense tannin and acid, this cab is truly a Sonoma lighter drinking cab vs Napa cab, but I love it. P paired it with a Cabernet of wine, brown sugar and butter, and five reduced Vidalia onions and fresh Rosemary. Rubbed fresh Rosemary onto the pork and then seared it, then put it in the oven to finish in a cast iron skillet. When done added it

It's a rare time that I had very mixed feelings about a restaurant. Lovely house renovated into a quaint setting. Lovely server friendly place. Food was disappointing. I ordered macaroni and cheese. When I got was not at all anything similar. They took cheap rigatoni noodles and crumbled some cheese on top and baked it like a bruschetta topping. That part was terrible. The only nice thing is it added about five pieces of squash and pepitas which tasted lovely. However for $15 this does not a meal make. Highly disappointed and I would not call that mac and cheese. My companion likes his meal. He ordered pork, which came

We had the opportunity to stop in our Friday night to see this newer wine bar. Impressive line of Ventura system. We tried three wine flights and we're pleased with the variety that they offer. Adorable spot. Amazing seating to accommodate a lot of people, and a retail outlet facility so they had a lot going on. Had an opportunity to speak to Lindsay Smith the owner. Suggested they could offer high-end taste using the Ventura system. We go into wine bars to try $40 and up wines. We suggested to her that it since she's offering them in the wine store, offer the pricier ones so people will actually buy

R eally enjoyed a Saturday afternoon visit for lunch and wine/spirits tasting at Gervasi, worth in north Canton. There are 4 areas 1. Bistro, and more casual food 2. Attached is the outside patio with pizza, casual and looking at the water 3. Crush house, more upscale and patios surrounded to eat in our out. 4. Distillery, making gim, vodka and bourbon. There is also a new hotel in addition to the the former villas. We came during a quieter weekend due to a big event at the Football Hall of Fame and it paid off in extra attention. Awesome meal of sinful bruschetta/balsamic/blue cheese covered chips and wrap, work wine tasting. They make about 12 wines.