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It's so fun to have a local spot that serves good wine, and great wine list variety when you are a wine-educator.The bottle list is very diverse and we saw many favorites at very reasonable retail prices.Bill, the wine manager, is very friendly and knowledgeable. Wendy prepared a good meal. Several glass tastes from around the world.Picture is a chartucerie plate and an easy-to-eat pizza. I recommend the 20 minutes for the Brie. Good wine knowledge and camaraderie. Check it out if you're in downtown Willoughby DTW

Woodinville is a crazy busy area for multiple tasting rooms congested into small retail spaces competing for parking. All wineries were packed, so if you can, avoid on weekends. Thanks to Glen who fit us in to Delille who holds the distinction of all rated wines above 90 pts eight years straight. We found the wine similar to the big reds throughout Washington (ie, red mtn), in that they featured bright red fruit with huge tannins and acidity. We liked the Chenin Blanc (bright lemon) and Roussane (light lemon). We bought the Doyenne, which was made for the winemaker's wedding and guests encouraged ongoing production. Delille consistently uses liberal oak on

Another purest location, small but very tasty and GM ear than the other products we've tasted. Most of the Washington Valley shows Merlow as a big cab but theirs was a jammy and easy drinking cab. It was their 'Anvil' reserve pland we liked it so much that we purchased it even at $60. They also do a reserve chard that takes the edge off the acidity, but stays citrusy, and it was lovely. Tom was also impressed by their Barbara. It had a lot of Bing flavors but Cherry wasn't one that stood out to me.