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Celebrate with Molinari’s, Mentor

Molinari’s is Mentor Ohio’s special occasion restaurant. Not only because of chef Randall and his creative menu, but also because of mixologist Justin who hand makes every cocktail

I chose to celebrate my birthday dinner at this local spot that’s hiding in a shopping strip on busy Mentor avenue. While it may be hard to find, it’s usually very busy with others who have found it.
You can choose to have a specialty pizza in their artesian stone oven or a full-scale meal.
After ordering Justin’s beautiful and unique margarita, with hand-scraped sugar and lime, as well as a classic Manhattan, a friend and I proceeded to order a lovely pork chop and salmon special. The photos represented show as good as it tasted. We especially love the tri-flavored butters with basil & pesto and homemade bread.
If you want to have a lovely and delectable meal classically prepared, this is a good place. It also is moderately price for the quality. Highly recommend it, especially if you like classic handmade cocktails.
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