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Dellille wines, Woodinville wa

Woodinville is a crazy busy area for multiple tasting rooms congested into small retail spaces competing for parking. All wineries were packed, so if you can, avoid on weekends. Thanks to Glen who fit us in to Delille who holds the distinction of all rated wines above 90 pts eight years straight.

We found the wine similar to the big reds throughout Washington (ie, red mtn), in that they featured bright red fruit with huge tannins and acidity.

We liked the Chenin Blanc (bright lemon) and Roussane (light lemon). We bought the Doyenne, which was made for the winemaker’s wedding and guests encouraged ongoing production.

Delille consistently uses liberal oak on single varietal grapes or Bordeaux blends. Wine has fruit amidst powerful acid and tannins, which are balanced equally. The aftertaste is always a pleasant remainder of the red fruit. We also found a remaining stickiness from the tannins in all the reds. Kudos to the reserve Snipes mtn (softer) cab vs red mtn Chaleur (powerful) both of the same year, both rated 95 pts.

Studying wine since the early 80's, I've become a Wine Studies Education level III solely though interest, and I occasionally represent an Italian importer, while working full-time as a financial national speaker. I'm always seeking a 'find' whether taste or value wine versions.

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