Fine Wine was Christ’s First Miracle – An EASTER MESSAGE

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Fine Wine was Christ’s First Miracle – An EASTER MESSAGE

Christ’s first miracle was to make water into a fine wine at a wedding. Historian’s estimate Christ made 6 fikins, or about 150 gallons, which would constitute about 1,000 modern bottles.  We know Jesus created a fine wine because a recorded guest commented that they served the “best wine till later”.  From this we know Jesus didn’t just make water into any kind of wine, but He instantly made water into a FINE wine. This fact increases the miracles’ significant.

We know there’s effort and a process to creating a fine wine. A new wine isn’t a fine wine. A fresh-press or young wine, like a Beaujolais, is fresh and fruity and easy drinking, but it’s not going to become a complex, concentrated fine wine on its own. 

To create a FINE wine, it can take years of skilled cultivation and is never immediate nor an accident. It requires skill, careful monitoring, and a balancing act to mellow, meld, blend acid, tannin and sugars. Winemakers also have an array of recipe choices from oak, additives, temperature, and adjustments. A fine wine is never immediate, such as what Jesus did in the miracle transformation of water into fine wine.

What inspirations can we gain from this in our lives?  One is that Jesus demonstrated the power of jumping to a perfected and final product in one move, a miracles we might call “deliverance”. Jesus can instantly change us into a fine end-product if He wanted to so do.  However, the normal approach is to become the talented winemaker that allows us to go through the process of being developed into a long-lasting quality fine wine throughout our life.

Next I will cover the analogy and symbolism of wine in communion for Easter.

Michelle Brady

Studying wine since the early 80's, I've become a Wine Studies Education level III solely though interest, and I occasionally represent an Italian importer, while working full-time as a financial national speaker. I'm always seeking a 'find' whether taste or value wine versions.

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