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Macon Villages by Prosper Maufoux

Looking for a fresh summer wine from France?  Let me tell you about Macon Villages by Prosper Maufoux.

WINE LOCATION:  Macon Villages is located in Burgundy France and is a well-known classic area.  In central Burgundy appalachia, within the Cote de Beaune, Macon is a village in the southern central regions of France.

THIS WINE, Macon Villages by Prosper Maufoux , the wine tastes like summer.  The wine is lemony fresh and crisp, seeing no oak and giving off a fresh acidic edge that is not overpowering.   Light and easy drinking and fresh. Whites in Burgundy are Chardonnay, yet different than California in that they offer a crisp freshness combined with a minerality that comes from historical volcanic soil sediments called Kimmeridge clay. Very similar to Chablis, which is farther north, they maintain the fresh acidity by not adding any any softening oak (refer to my last blog about Oak).

VALUE PRICE!  The price of this particular wine from a major mass-distributed négociant house (similar to the well-known Louis Jadot) is wonderful.  Throughout June in Ohio it’s only $10 and that’s a bargain!!!  If it goes off sale at $10, it is still a bargain around $15.  Pricing of theses wines are usually dictated by location.

To help understand why it’s a value is that a wine area dictates pricing value.

1). If a wine says that it’s from France, it can be from anywhere and could be a blend from many areas.  Being from France means anywhere in the country.

2). If it says Burgundy, it will be entirely from from Central France and the Burgundy appalachian.

3)  If from a specific part Burgundy, such as the Côte de Beaune, this means it is entirely from a collection of villages that are found within that specific area of the country 100%.  If this case, that is north central called the Cote de Beaune.

4) When you name an actual village on a French label, this means all of the grapes come from a specific targeted area.  An example, wine can say they are from Ohio.  If a wine says it’s from Geneva, that’s a village.  If you say Ferrante Estate, that’s one specific owned estate property.  Macon Villages wine represents Geneva, and that’s pretty specific.  The Village of Macon is one village located inside the Cote de Beune, which is inside the Burgundy area of central France.  The Village of Macon is one village located inside the Cote de Beune, which is inside the Burgundy area of central France.  This should raise the price.  This should raise the price.  This is why I view a $ 10- $15 Macon Villages by Prosper Maufoux as a great value wine, AND it tastes like summer!  Try it and see for yourself.

Pair with chardonnay-foods like salmon or chicken. I had it this weekend with a ginger-marmalade-soy marinaded salmon and coconut rice and it was delicious!

Studying wine since the early 80's, I've become a Wine Studies Education level III solely though interest, and I occasionally represent an Italian importer, while working full-time as a financial national speaker. I'm always seeking a 'find' whether taste or value wine versions.

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