Mumm Grand Cordon, celebratory

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Mumm Grand Cordon, celebratory

Mumm Grand Cordon, celebratory. picked it up as a thank you gift to somebody special and it turned out to be just what I needed. Came with two glasses for just $40. Very lovely gift and celebration packaging.

The wine is crisp with a light lemony flavor. Very light and easy drinking.

Easily enjoyed for a toast or paired with light foods. We paired it with a Jarlsberg cheese dip and crackers

A beautiful aperitif and celebratory toast wine. Recommended for a special occasion and a good price.

Studying wine since the early 80's, I've become a Wine Studies Education level III solely though interest, and I occasionally represent an Italian importer, while working full-time as a financial national speaker. I'm always seeking a 'find' whether taste or value wine versions.

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