Spoiled dog winery, Whidbey island

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Spoiled dog winery, Whidbey island


We had the pleasure of a private tour with the winemaker, Karen Krug. Great story that they couldn’t use Krug as their wine name since it’s taken by the big champagne house so they went with spoiled dog. We didn’t get to meet the dog but learned he has the run if an inner island spot….definitely spoiled.

Creative wines using grape varietals that are not common including one that is German called Siegribbe, a white grape I hadn’t heard of and the demeanor of sweet lemon curd but not acidic; it was very nice. The reisling was also lovely and we got one.

Karen pairs a basil and gorgonzola cheese infused with their wine and it’s tasty.

Very much enjoyed learning that they offer an on-tap growler of several wine. Island people just pop in and ‘draft pour’ their favorite local wine. Seeing wines on tap

was amusing.

Thanks Karen for the private taste.

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