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Spending time with Caleb the winemaker at Bookwalter in Washington we got a clear explanation of why the Merlot and cab taste so differently in Washington. While a wine geek answer it has to do with pH and conditions. Caleb was told that next to Pomerol France, Merlot grows best here because of the desert dry conditions. The winemaker at Bordeaux Margaux said that it's because in August a drought happens every year. In Washington they always have drought desert-like conditions but control their water. They can turn on a drought and so it allows their wines to receive intense heat but dry conditions. This retains acidity and

this winery had a number of award-winning products so we found it in the downtown Walla Walla area. It sits amongst the first at the Marcus Whitman Classic Hotel we're for tasting rooms share space.as we are seeing in this state Merlot taste huge and big and cabs are easy drinking. They say that Cab Sauv, Cab Franc and Petit Verdot are picked last in the entire area so that they can get the biggest wine they can. Each parietal is shown independently and the cab Franc has a taste that is not the normal pepper taste or vegetable, but a easy drinking light fruity wine. My companion