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I''ve said before that Rombauer Chardonnay is my favorite. It's such a classic Napa white. Oats for 36 months in French oak and has tastes of layered butter and caramel. Full malolactic-acid or ML means they converted the lactic acid to a full-bodied milky-thickness/texture on the tongue. A creamy smooth texture is the result. The wine is aged for 36-month in French oak providing an exchange that takes the edge of acids and replaces it with vanilla and caramel flavors. The entire bottle continues to provide lovely flavors as it warms and opens. I prefer it slightly chilled vs. fully chilled in order to let these flavors and aromas open fully. 

B-Wise was the first winery I became a wine club member and that says a lot. I've only been a club member three times. I loved this Sonoma winery's easy drinking wine. When in Sonoma one day we came across B-wise small retail tasting room. They were not a big producer but they owned mountain space a prime area (Howell Mountain). They don't have a tasting room at their production site. Today in Ohio you can get Trios and Wisdom. These aren't powerful, but they also offer big cab wine through the air wine club. Wisdom and trios are lovely, easy drinking, fruit-forward, jammy, flavorful, beautiful California wines. If