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The Bible uses wine in teachings, and as analogies and metaphors. Brigham Young University found that the word yayin, one of many Ancient Hebrew words used for wine, is used 140 times just in the Old Testament. The New Testament, including Jesus, uses grape and wine analogies in His teachings including: as a remembrance symbol  comparing grape growing to spiritual growthcomparing grafting grape vines to family of God adoption Let’s review some of these uses. “I am the vine, and you are the branches” John 15:5 As a remembrance.  In the last supper, Christ compared wine to his blood.  He instructed followers “drink this in remembrance of me” (Luke 22:7-8, Mark 14:23 and Matthew 26:27) as a permanent reminder of His sacrificial bloodshed on the cross in a

Christ's first miracle was to make water into a fine wine at a wedding. Historian’s estimate Christ made 6 fikins, or about 150 gallons, which would constitute about 1,000 modern bottles.  We know Jesus created a fine wine because a recorded guest commented that they served the “best wine till later”.  From this we know Jesus didn’t just make water into any kind of wine, but He instantly made water into a FINE wine. This fact increases the miracles’ significant. We know there’s effort and a process to creating a fine wine. A new wine isn’t a fine wine. A fresh-press or young wine, like a Beaujolais, is fresh and fruity and easy drinking, but it’s not going to