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In partnership with Chateau Ste Michelle, this winery produces Red Mountain big grape products. We did a vertical of the cabernets and also tasted the cab franc and the Malbec, pictured. we find a taste in them that is distinctive possibly from the limestone. Each one had huge tannins and acidity and the fruit was aromatic but not as fruit forward and its flavors. Thanks Cherie for sharing your knowledge of the terrior and the big wine.

David helped us at our first tasting of the day by letting us in early, thank you David.Lovely property. Huge production facility. We followed in a tanker truck carrying juice from one of their properties.Iconic products in three tiers, one of them is called the icon which is their upper tier only available here and for the wine club. The second is what is normal reserves. Also only available here and for the wine club. Then they have the public products that are classics.We purchased the brute which is made out of 75% charged and 25% Pinot. We also purchased the reserve cab. Very approachable tannins and lovely