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Very much enjoyed Leanne who is very educational and fun in her presentation. Same flavor pallet of the area, big beautiful burgundy red color, high tannin and acid, bright fruit with a long velvet finish and no negative finish. For us we found that there wasn't the depth of a big load a jammy Zinfandel however they were very easily drinkable.this was evidenced by the fact that we already in just a day have a case of wine to send home. Great 14 Hands experience, thanks Leanne.

Next to Owen Roe it was the only sparkling house in the state, and the sparkling made me stop. Walking in you encounter 4-story high steel containers as well as cooled ones indoors. A little challenging for our schedule because it was a FORCED sit down/slow presentation. Nice experience if you want to spend time and it serves food. Several the wines have been served at the state department. We enjoyed the Blanc de Noir and at $20 wasn't a bad price. Fun presentation of sparkly bottles for the holidays and gifts. The others tasted neutral, easy drinking, not the biscuit or brioche of French Traditional Méthode, but an American new world easy-drinking