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Spring Hill is interesting facility since they have nine hundred acres and a hundred of it is wines but the rest is wheat.  Great map featured showing the dry desert climate where they grow hay and in the middle is a green vineyard. This is their estate property.The entire winery does homage to ancestors with their names of the products and two of them have been on the 100 wines of the world list several times including Uriah and Frederick.once again we were surprised by how the Merlot taste like a big cab and the cab taste like soft Merlot.we're also surprised how campground takes a lead in

Like we've experienced in other areas all wineries have products which they have only at the tasting Center. In fact Hogue only provides wines you cannot get in the general marketplace. Their premier label has an entire line of whites and reds. All are pure, clean, crisp. Les was a blast and shared a ton of knowledge about the areas in which the wines are produced. One of the most interesting was in education about Red Mountain. The smallest AVA in the state, this soil is actually wash down from other areas and are not area original. Gear for the product taste differently than anything else with a lot

The most award-winning winery in this Valley is Owen Roe and so we chose it as our first visit to the vinticultural AVA. Beautiful property on a sloping landscape facing Mt Adams in the background.We had a lovely time with Susan who was extremely knowledgeable.I learned that Cab Franc is a premier wine in Washington often presented as a single varietal. We couldn't differentiate it from a reg red wine, easy drinking and without the yellow pepper that we often find from old world presentation.Outstanding at this property was the Syrah. I also liked a creation called Abbotts, priced at only $24, it was a g buy featuring