The Standard, 185th Street in Euclid is a steady pleasure

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The Standard, 185th Street in Euclid is a steady pleasure

Luv luv luv The Standard. Stopped-in for early evening dining at The Standard Restaurant on 185th Street in Euclid, one of my favorite spots. They were more than ready for diners on Black Friday but unfortunately was just me, a friend, and one other customer.  We finished early around 7:00 p.m., so I hope that others filled the place later.  I can say if you’re not visiting The Standard, you’re missing out.

My friend was adventurous and tried the Moroccan Fez chicken, which the internet says is a crowd-pleasing chicken stew with lemons and dried fruit. The Moroccan chef, Sayed, was there and commented that his creation was a non-spicy, savory meal but said he could ‘make it as spicy as you want!”  It was a wonderful blend of sweet and flavorful spices with large apricots and raisins, blending into a savory sauce (with a slight tang of curry) mixed with soft, falling-apart chicken breast pieces and couscous. I would definitely order it again.

Not as adventurous, I remained true to the former favorite, the Faroe Island salmon, and I too wasn’t disappointed. It was seared perfectly and covered lightly in a soft-ginger flavored sauce and presented in a pile of a bed of well-made mashed potatoes, soft carrots and beans (which avoided the too al-dente version and were instead perfectly cooked through). Paired with a Pinot Noir and an Alicante, both selections worked well.  

I wish we had the room for dessert because the pastry chef Liz made a homemade pumpkin cheesecake that everyone was saying was amazing.  Being the day after Thanksgiving I still had too much dessert at home and so didn’t order it; however, I’m still thinking about it…… just might have to venture back to try it.

OH, and a 4 Course Wine Dinner coming on December 7th.

Again if you have not visited The Standard on 185th Street in Euclid, don’t let the surrounding neighborhood fool you that this isn’t a wonderful restaurant hiding in the midst of a unique building nestled into the 185th Street community.  Check it out.

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